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SK Racing distribute a wide range of diagnostics software and hardware.

We distribute the VAG-Com Diagnostic Software. All HEX Diagnostic cables are licensed by Ross Tech USA. You can easily troubleshoot your own problems and clear basic errors that are popping up on dash and annoying you. Track serious problems and repair in no time on all VW, Audi, Skoda Imports and Seat.

Not only do we cater for motorvehicles, we cater for motocycles as well. GS-911 motorcycle diagnostics for your BMW motorbike. Easy to use via USB and Bluetooth, track,diagnose and repair your bike fast!

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Turn your Laptop/PC into a powerful dealer level diagnostic tool.

VAG-COM is a diagnostic software program designed to run on standard Windows PC's. With features only found in the dealer level factory tools, VAG-COM surpasses the performance of all other aftermarket diagnostic tools and rivals the factory tools for a fraction of their cost. With VAG-COM, you can profit from repairing VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicles sold world wide.

The VAG-COM Professional Kit contains all the associated hardware, and software for aftermarket repair shops to compete with the factory dealer repair bays. If you are looking for a way to capture piece of the lucrative European car repair business.

The VAG-COM Professional Kit is a tool you can't afford to be without. When working on VW/Audi products you will find VAG-COM to be as essential as your torque wrench. At  a price/performance ratio un-matched by any product on the market, VAG-COM will help you put money in your pocket.

With VAG-COM you can:
Gain full access to all systems in cars from 1990 through to the most current 2008/9 models.
Modern cars may have 30 or more diagnostic capable control devices. VAG-COM can access all of them. VAG-COM provides access by logically grouping the control modules, allowing quick access to individual modules.

Scan for, and clear DTC's with over 11721 fault codes decoded into plain text.
VAG-COM's extensive database of over 11721 codes provides helpful descriptions without the need for you to look up the code. Each code gives the code number as well as a phrase to describe the code.

Alter settings normally accessible only to dealerships.
Perform Basic Settings, like readiness, calibrate throttle bodies, adjust Self-leveling headlamps, change rear brake pads on vehicles with electronic parking brake, and many more......

Perform adaptations.
VAG-COM provides the means to change settings on control modules including the new Long Adaptation, which are normally performed using factory diagnostic tools only.

Code replacement modules and select options.
VAG-COM's Recode Module function, enables you to perform the new Long Coding and coding of new Slave Modules.

Do output tests.
Test individual systems or components by activating the component manually. Using VAG-COM's Output Test you take control of the suspected part. Know for certain that a suspected part has failed.
View and log live data.
VAG-COM allows you to see live data from all modules. you can log the data for later analysis or it can be presented in Oscilloscope format using the included VAG-SCOPE. Critical data relating to TDi timing can also be displayed using the TDi Checker function (This does not apply to PD engines).