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DEI Radiator Relief™, Radiator Relief for Diesels™, Heater Hotter™ and Chill Charger™ are specially formulated to reduce the surface tension of the coolant which maximizes the thermal conductivity and transfer process through the cooling system. Each is designed to balance the negative acidic effects that can develop over time in antifreeze and water solutions. Each includes a corrosion inhibitor that balances and stabilizes the pH level to reduce rust, prevent electrolysis and mineral deposits from forming on radiator and intercooler cores for long term protection.

  • Radiator Relief reduces coolant temperatures by as much as 30°, is compatible with all types of antifreeze and is now in a new 16 oz bottle that is competitively priced and contains 33% more than the leading brand.

  • Radiator Relief for Diesels is blended for extreme use and concentrated for larger capacity diesel cooling systems.

  • Chill Charger is a revolutionary new performance additive for water-to-air intercoolers. It improves an intercooler’s efficiency because of it’s thermal conductivity properties resulting in a cooler denser intake charge and reduced intercooler and cylinder head temperatures for a boost in performance.

  • Heater Hotter has the ability to transfer heat to the cooling system faster to reach normal operating temperature without raising engine temperature thus allowing the vehicle’s heater to start generating interior heat quicker on those cold winter mornings.

  • Radiator Relief Cooling System Flush breaks up harmful mineral deposits and dissolves efficiency robbing residues and flushes them out of the cooling system to restore maximum transfer ability of cooling systems.

Radiator Relief (Part # 040200)

• New 16 oz size
• Reduces engine temperatures up to 30°
• Newly formulated with a corrosion inhibitor
• Now with anti-foaming agent
• Reduced pre-existing scale build-up
• Compatible with water and all types of antifreeze products 

Original Radiator 
Relief 32oz Bottle (Part # 040104) 

Radiator Relief Cooling System Flush (Part # 040202)

• 16 oz size
• Removes rust deposits
• Dissolves oily residue
• Restores cooling system efficiency

Radiator Relief for Diesels (Part # 040204)

• 16 oz size
• Blended for extreme use
• Decrease coolant temperatures up to 30°
• Concentrated for larger cooling systems

Chill Charger (Part # 040208)

• Maximizes thermal transfer to lower air intake temperatures
• Prevents core corrosion, electrolysis and mineral build up
• Simply add to intercooler water
• Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Heater Hotter (Part # 040206)

• Accelerates transfer of heat from engine to cooling system
• Does not raise coolant temperature
• Reduces engine wear
• Allows vehicle’s heater to warm up 50% faster
• Simply add to radiator
• Safe with all types of antifreeze

Radiator Relief & Flush Assortment Pack (Part # 041210)

Contains 4 bottles each of:
• Radiator Relief
• Radiator Relief Cooling System Flush
• Radiator Relief for Diesels